Adrian Mustelin Spectacles is a company dedicated to manufacturing quality eyewear, immaculate in design and durability. We consider eyewear an important part of ones image and through our designs we aspire to offer edgy choices for a selective clientele all over the world. As opposed to the disposable nature of all accessories forced upon us by mass production, the philosophy behind handmade spectacles is very much the same as with a tailored piece of clothing – not only is it personal in design but also durable and reparable. In short, a purchase meant to last.
In addition to our own line of models we offer personalized designs for our customers with thousands of different colors and qualities to choose from. Adrian Mustelin Spectacles has collaborated with fashion brands such as Whyred and Martin Lamothe delivering sunglasses specially designed for their new clothing lines.We deliver our ready-to-wear lines as well as smaller specialized orders for fashion brands, individuals or retailers.